Lorraine Pascale’s White Chocolate and Ginger Mousse

White Chocolate & Ginger Mousse

White Chocolate & Ginger Mousse

This recipe is from the book ‘Home Cooking Made Easy’  The recipe says it makes 4 large glasses but next time I’m more likely to serve it as 8 small glasses, as it was very rich and the servings were too big!


150g Creme fraiche

300 ml double cream

400g white chocolate (melted in the bottom of the Aga)

finely chopped stem ginger


I whipped the double cream until thick and then whipped in the creme fraiche gently.

Next I added a spoonful of the cream/creme fraiche mixture to the melted chocolate and stirred it in.  I gradually added all the cream mixture to the chocolate in this way.  Finally I stirred in some chopped ginger.

I divided the mixture between 4 glasses and put it in the fridge for an hour.

Et voila!






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