Recipe of the day – Spanish-themed lunch – Part 4 – Dessert!

And now to my favourite part – dessert!

I was looking for a spanish dessert but all I could find was Creme Caramel or Churros – neither of which (tasty though they no doubt are!) fitted the bill.

So I then searched on almonds and oranges (both of which we feasted on in Seville!) and came up with this recipe from chef James Martin.

If I had read the recipe all the way through before I started (*important note to self!*) I would have begun 24 hours earlier!!  The (whole) oranges need to be boiled and cooled before you begin the cake!

IMG_1672So while the oranges were cooking in the bottom oven of the Aga I got on and made the sauce.  If I make this again (which I definitely will!) I’ll cut the orange segments up so they are much smaller in the sauce – but it was delicious!

Also I’ll weigh the oranges BEFORE I cook them – as when I had pureed them and the recipe says, ‘take 450g’ I only had about 275g (they were obviously small ones!) so I had to scoop out the orange pieces from the sauce mixture and add them in for the cake!

Plus I hadn’t got enough ground almonds so I used half ground almonds and half self raising flour – it was perfect though – I think it would have been too dense with all almonds.

My tin was 10.5″ and the recipe says 9″ – so if you use the right size tin it would be deeper!


I also made a fresh fruit salad


So there was cake and sauce, fresh fruit salad and cream, and/or vanilla ice cream!  All delicious!

I had prepared cheese and biscuits but we were all too full!


About weheartcards Esther Warner started designing cards several years ago, then in 2003 she returned to University as a mature student, completing an IT degree. Since then she has developed her passion for paper and creativity by computerised card-making. In the corporate world she was awarded ‘Worcestershire Businesswoman of the Year’ in 2005 Esther says, “When was little I loved getting post. The excitement of getting a letter or something delivered to my door when it WASN’T my birthday or Christmas was really exciting. Wondering who had sent it and what it could be…. The anticipation of opening the envelope to discover what was inside was thrilling! ” In later years Esther was very homesick at boarding school and the daily post distribution became the most exciting part of the day. Each card from we♥cards is filled with love and made for the recipient personally, Esther hopes that they convey the excitement she felt when she was small and received a letter from her Grandma!
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