Sew easy cushions

I have recently revamped my work space; it used to be the spare bedroom but now we have exchanged the bed for a sofa bed (thank you IKEA!)  To complete the metamorphosis from bedroom to creativity zone, a few finishing touches were needed…..

I am really loving bright, hot, neon pink at the moment, maybe because of all the rain we’ve had this summer!  Although, truthfully, I think I have always had a deep down love for all things very pink!  Anyway, I was searching for some cushions to brighten up the grey sofa and I really couldn’t find EXACTLY what I could see inside my head.

One of the great things about my work space revamp is that now I have a special table for my sewing machine, so she can be out all the time, rather than being hidden away in a dusty cupboard.   A sewing machine must be female, right?  Strong, reliable, always ready to help when needed?  I read a great blog from Ellie, Less cake, more frosting  where she names her electronic appliances after powerful and awesome girls.  Her Silhouette Cameo is ‘Whitney’ and her iphone is ‘Aretha iDiva’!  I love that!  Maybe my sewing machine could be Karren after Karren Brady who is definitely in control, hardworking and determined!  By the way, Karren’s new book looks inspiring:  Sorry, I’ve digressed!

we♥cards Sewing Machine

Karren – the sewing machine!

Back to cushions! As I was looking around the room, it dawned on me that I could MAKE cushions!

My enthusiasm is greater than my ability with sewing and I have a cupboard full of {must get around to finishing} projects, so I knew to make this successful these cushions needed to be super easy! (No complicated things like zips or ties!)  I found a great tutorial here

we♥cards Sew Easy Cushion making

Sew Easy Cushion making

Now, I am seriously loving the whole moustache trend at the moment but it didn’t seem to fit with the image I wanted – so I just used the cushion tutorial without the appliqué. Perfect!

I had a great time exploring the shops and I found some fabulous fabric (and at 50% discount in a sale – even better!)  Confession: on my excursion I did buy 2 cushions that feature in the photo at the end – they have tassles and are uber-styish!  I couldn’t resist them!

we♥cards finished cushion

we♥cards Finished Cushion!

I completed the sewing of 2 cushions in one evening and I am SO pleased with the result and I’m filled with a sense of satisfaction when I look at them!  The tutorial was so easy to follow (even for a complete novice like me!)

So if you are contemplating dusting off your sewing machine and starting a project – this is a great place to begin!  I’m off to look for another project now as I have some fabric leftover……

we♥cards Cushions

we♥cards In situ!


About weheartcards Esther Warner started designing cards several years ago, then in 2003 she returned to University as a mature student, completing an IT degree. Since then she has developed her passion for paper and creativity by computerised card-making. In the corporate world she was awarded ‘Worcestershire Businesswoman of the Year’ in 2005 Esther says, “When was little I loved getting post. The excitement of getting a letter or something delivered to my door when it WASN’T my birthday or Christmas was really exciting. Wondering who had sent it and what it could be…. The anticipation of opening the envelope to discover what was inside was thrilling! ” In later years Esther was very homesick at boarding school and the daily post distribution became the most exciting part of the day. Each card from we♥cards is filled with love and made for the recipient personally, Esther hopes that they convey the excitement she felt when she was small and received a letter from her Grandma!
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  1. tinyinc says:

    love the cushions

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