14 Money saving ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day

No sooner is Christmas packed away and the shops are full of red hearts!  In 2012 though we are all trying to save money and there is not so much to spare.  So with some creativity and thought this year’s Valentine’s Day can be extra-special.


Here are 14 suggestions to get you started:-


1) Love Vouchers

These are always very well received in my experience – all you need is some imagination!  How about, ‘This voucher entitles the bearer to a meal of his/her choice, cooked and lovingly prepared.’ ?  Or a relaxing bubble bath?  Or a massage?   There are some templates here that you could edit http://office.microsoft.com/en-gb/templates/CT010104321.aspx


2) Home made Chocolates or truffles.

Everyone loves chocolate and homemade truffles just exude love!   In Lorraine Pascale’s new book, ‘Home Cooking Made Easy’ she has a very tasty recipe for peanut butter truffles which just vanished over Christmas!  Or there is a great Bailey’s truffles recipe on Nigella’s website http://www.nigella.com/recipes/view/baileys-truffles-3879


3) Decorate the house

I don’t mean with paint (although that could be included on a love voucher!) How about some homemade bunting and cut out hearts? There are some great ideas here http://www.funonadime.net/?p=1087



Put together a playlist of meaningful songs that you both love – maybe from when you first got together?


5) A love letter

There is nothing better than a handwritten love letter, especially when thoughtfulness and love ooze from every page.  You could even include ten things I love about you, or a love poem that you like.


6) A photobook of your year

Pictures speak a thousand words so you could put together a photobook of your year together or of your life together.  When my daughter was 21 I made a powerpoint of all her birthdays with comments on the photos – it’s a great keepsake!


7) Make a card

You could draw the two of you or list some of things you love to share.


8) Take a walk in the park

Make time to walk and talk and reminisce about how you felt when you first met; what was it that attracted you to each other in the beginning?  You could take a picnic (maybe to share in the car rather than outside!)


9) Breakfast in bed

Always a winner! Even if it’s just a cup of tea and a slice of toast – it shows you care!


10) Watch a DVD

Choose a film that you both love, maybe the first one you saw together? Turn off the technology (no tweeting or texting) and enjoy it all over again.


11) Do a job you know they hate

‘Actions speak louder than words’ is one of my favourite maxims.  It’s so much better to just get on and do the thing you’ve always been promising but never find the time for.  What about cleaning all the shoes in the house?  Or cleaning the loos?  Cleaning the car?  Replacing the washer on that drippy tap?


12) Cook a pink meal

The starter could be taramosalta and toast cut into hearts with a cookie cutter.  The main course could be poached salmon with potatoes cut into hearts (with the same cookie cutter) and red cabbage.  The dessert could be strawberry mousse and heart shaped biscuits (using the cookie cutter as it was intended!) All served with pink cava or pink lemonade. (Aldi sell a very tasty one)


13) Play hide and seek

Make clues and build a treasure trail (inside or out, depending on the weather)  the prize could be leasing to the job you’ve done (see no. 11) the meal you’ve cooked or the letter you wrote.


14) Write love notes

Write little notes (post-it notes are great for this) and leave them in unexpected places around the house.  ‘I love you because……’ At the ends of the day see if they have found them all!


Please comment on the ideas you like and let us know if you use any!  Sending Valentine love to everyone…….!





We love Valentine's Day!


About weheartcards

http://www.etsy.com/shop/weheartcards Esther Warner started designing cards several years ago, then in 2003 she returned to University as a mature student, completing an IT degree. Since then she has developed her passion for paper and creativity by computerised card-making. In the corporate world she was awarded ‘Worcestershire Businesswoman of the Year’ in 2005 Esther says, “When was little I loved getting post. The excitement of getting a letter or something delivered to my door when it WASN’T my birthday or Christmas was really exciting. Wondering who had sent it and what it could be…. The anticipation of opening the envelope to discover what was inside was thrilling! ” In later years Esther was very homesick at boarding school and the daily post distribution became the most exciting part of the day. Each card from we♥cards is filled with love and made for the recipient personally, Esther hopes that they convey the excitement she felt when she was small and received a letter from her Grandma!
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