Network of Aspiring Women

We were delighted to add our support to the Network of Aspiring Women’s recent event

Card created for the Network of Aspiring Women

in Birmingham.  They had Cherie Blair as the keynote speaker and the guest list included representatives from KPMG, Barclays, West Midland Police, Peugeot, Warwickshire County Council, Birmingham City Council, HSBC, Jaguar Land Rover, Marketing Birmingham, Aston University, Deutsche Bank, Birmingham Chamber of Commerce and many more.  The event was a great success!

Our cards were used on the tables as placecards and Jo Cameron (of series 2 The Apprentice fame) hand wrote each card for the guests – this was much appreciated and served as a keepsake for the day.  Our vision was that it would be good for everyone to  be able to take something away which would remind them of the key themes of the day and inspire them to put what they have learned into practice.

The next big event for the Network of Aspiring Women is their Annual Awards on Friday 30th September 2011 at Villa Park in Aston, Birmingham.  There is more info here

Pass the word on!


About weheartcards Esther Warner started designing cards several years ago, then in 2003 she returned to University as a mature student, completing an IT degree. Since then she has developed her passion for paper and creativity by computerised card-making. In the corporate world she was awarded ‘Worcestershire Businesswoman of the Year’ in 2005 Esther says, “When was little I loved getting post. The excitement of getting a letter or something delivered to my door when it WASN’T my birthday or Christmas was really exciting. Wondering who had sent it and what it could be…. The anticipation of opening the envelope to discover what was inside was thrilling! ” In later years Esther was very homesick at boarding school and the daily post distribution became the most exciting part of the day. Each card from we♥cards is filled with love and made for the recipient personally, Esther hopes that they convey the excitement she felt when she was small and received a letter from her Grandma!
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One Response to Network of Aspiring Women

  1. We are Network of Aspiring Women (NOAW) were delighted with our weheartcards for our ‘Women’s Business Extravaganza’ event with guest of honour Cherie Blair on 8th July 2011.

    It was great to be able to personalise the front of the cards with our event info and Jo’s ‘Creating a Winning Mentality’ tips.

    We can highly recommend weheartcards for their professionalism, quality and service.

    Many thanks for supporting us and look forward to working with you again for our Annual Awards on 30th September. For more information visit

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